The Mega Man Anniversary Collection and What it Brings

The Mega Man Anniversary Collection and What it Brings

Looking Back at the Open-Ended Adventure of Mega Man. Mega Man is an iconic gaming franchise that has stood the test of time since its debut on the NES in 1987. The open-ended mission-based levels that had players running and gunning their way through foes has been replicated by many subsequent titles but the original Mega Man games still hold up decades later. Geared to celebrate the 34th anniversary of the series, Capcom decided to give fans a definitive package to relive the franchise in all its glory. Enter the Mega Man Anniversary Collection, which includes all 10 games from the Classic series, spanning from the original 1987 game all the way to the genre-defying Mega Man X7 from 2003.

The Collection: Get Ready to Relive the Adventure

The Mega Man Anniversary Collection includes all the Mega Man games from the original series, as well as an additional game exclusive to this collection named Mega Man: The Power Battle. Whether you play using the GameCube, PlayStation 2, or Xbox controller, the familiar 8-bit graphics and soundtrack will come alive, giving an authentic recreation of the classic games that fans know and love.

The main menu allows you to select any game and start playing right away, while the Anniversary Mode serves as a hub to access other content in the collection. This includes a Gallery which brings together rare documents, art and commercials that were released over time, providing a comprehensive look at the evolution of the series.

Fans of the series also have access to a Music Player feature. This mode gives you the chance to listen to any of the songs in the game and view the accompanying chart, allowing you to reminisce over the soundtracks

Mega Man X: Exploring the Possibilities of 2D Gaming

The Mega Man X series brought a new level of depth to the series, with new weapons, armor, and enemies all presented in 16-bit graphics. By allowing for multiple paths, this new direction towards non-linear level design was groundbreaking for the 2D genre.

The Mega Man Anniversary Collection once again brings to life the classic Mega Man X games from the Super Nintendo, with some improvements made to the visuals thanks to the addition of smoothing. This allows the games to retain their charm while still looking great on modern-day displays.

Mega Man: The Battle Network Series and Adventures Beyond Platformers

By the year 2000, the gaming industry had moved onto the new millennium with 3D graphics and expansive RPGs becoming the staple. But Capcom had something else in store for Mega Man. The Battle Network series brought the series into the world of RPGs, having dealt with a virus-ravaged society and a protagonist with a portable net-navigating device to fight the causes of the global calamity.

The Mega Man Anniversary Collection includes Battle Network 1 and 2, as well as the 3-D action game Mega Man: Zero. Each game included in the package brings a new and distinct flavor to the series, so players can get a taste of the various evolutionary paths Mega Man has taken throughout the years.

A Look Into the Future with Mega Man X7

The latest game included in the package is the final entry in the original series, with Mega Man X7 marking the end of one of the most beloved chapters in gaming history. This is where the series ditched its 2D roots to deliver a 3D action shooter, but still including the same expansive levels and enemy boss battles that the series has always been known for.

Mega Man X7 also marks the first time Mega Man appeared in a game with a 3D model, which might have been a bit too ahead of its time due to the limited power of the PlayStation 2. In any case, it is great to be able to experience the original games and later entries in the same package.

The Mega Man Collection: Celebrate the History of Gaming

The Mega Man Anniversary Collection is a great way for fans to celebrate the series long and colorful history. Whether your'e revisiting the classic 8-bit adventures or playing the futuristic 3D entries, the collection has something for everyone. So don’t miss out and experience the legacy of Mega Man today.

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